C Runtime for Lingua Franca
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lf_multiport_iterator_t Struct Reference

#include <port.h>

Data Fields

int next
int idx
lf_port_base_t ** port
int width

Detailed Description

An iterator over a record of the subset of channels of a multiport that have present inputs. To use this, create an iterator using the function lf_multiport_iterator(). That function returns a struct that can be passed to the lf_multiport_next() function to obtain the next channel number of a present input (or -1 if there is no next present input).

Field Documentation

◆ idx

int lf_multiport_iterator_t::idx

◆ next

int lf_multiport_iterator_t::next

◆ port

lf_port_base_t** lf_multiport_iterator_t::port

◆ width

int lf_multiport_iterator_t::width

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