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Active Contributors

Peter Donovan's avatar

Peter Donovan

Student Assistant at UC Berkeley.
Clément Fournier's avatar

Clément Fournier

PhD student at TU Dresden.
Erling Rennemo Jellum's avatar

Erling Rennemo Jellum

PhD Candidate at Norwegian University of Science and Technology.
Byeonggil Jun's avatar

Byeonggil Jun

Undergraduate student at Hanyang University.
Dongha Kim's avatar

Dongha Kim

Ph.D. student at Arizona State University.
Hokeun Kim's avatar

Hokeun Kim

Assistant Professor at Arizona State University.
Edward A. Lee's avatar

Edward A. Lee

Professor in the Graduate School at UC Berkeley.
Shaokai Lin's avatar

Shaokai Lin

Graduate Student at UC Berkeley.
Marten Lohstroh's avatar

Marten Lohstroh

Assistant Researcher at UC Berkeley.
Christian Menard's avatar

Christian Menard

Graduate Student at TU Dresden.
Alexander Schulz-Rosengarten's avatar

Alexander Schulz-Rosengarten

Postdoc at Kiel University.
Tassilo Tanneberger's avatar

Tassilo Tanneberger

Student at TU Dresden
axmmisaka's avatar


I built most parts of this website. Bad news: I'm not a web developer and don't know React

Past Contributors

Soroush Bateni's avatar

Soroush Bateni

Software Engineer at Apple.
Matt Chorlian's avatar

Matt Chorlian

Applied Math and CS student at UC Berkeley.
Anirudh Rengarajan's avatar

Anirudh Rengarajan

Software Engineer at Bloomberg.
Martin Schoeberl's avatar

Martin Schoeberl

Professor at TU Denmark.
Matt Weber's avatar

Matt Weber

Software Engineer at Anyscale.
Hou Seng (Steven) Wong's avatar

Hou Seng (Steven) Wong

Software Development Engineer at Amazon AWS.
Johannes Hayeß's avatar

Johannes Hayeß

Master's Student at TU Dresden.