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Lingua Franca (LF) is a polyglot coordination language for concurrent and possibly time-sensitive applications ranging from low-level embedded code to distributed cloud and edge applications. On Oct. 8, 2021, we offered a tutorial on Lingua Franca for the EMSOFT conference, a part of ESWEEK. A video playlist recording is available in six segments, as detailed below.

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Part I: Introduction

This part briefly describes the background of the project and explains how to get started with the software.

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Part II: Hello World

This part introduces the language with a simple example.

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Part III: Target Languages

This part focuses on the target languages other than C, namely C++, Python, TypeScript, and Rust.

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Part IV: Basic Concepts

This part focuses on basic concepts in the language and includes three demos.

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Part V: Concurrency

This part focuses on how the language expresses concurrency, exploits multicore, and supports distributed execution.

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Part VI: Research Overview

This part focuses on a few of the research projects that have been stimulated by the Lingua Franca project.

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