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Code Extension

This page shows how to install and use the Lingua Franca Visual Studio Code extension.

Download the Visual Studio Code Extension

This plugin is available from the VS Code Marketplace/Open VSX Registry.

To install this extension from the marketplace, launch VS Code Quick Open (Ctrl + P) and enter ext install lf-lang.vscode-lingua-franca.

Using the Visual Studio Code Extension

  • Show the diagram for the currently active Lingua Franca file by clicking on the diagrams icon at the upper right: diagrams icon
  • Compile the .lf file by entering Ctrl + Shift + P, then Lingua Franca: Build.
  • Run the .lf file by entering Ctrl + Shift + P, then Lingua Franca: Build and Run.
  • (Optional) Users who edit LF programs with a Python target will benefit the most from Python linting by installing Pylint 2.12.2 or later.

For Developers: Get the Latest Version

To get the latest version of the VS Code extension from the repo rather than the latest release, the steps are:

  • git clone —recursive git@github.com:lf-lang/vscode-lingua-franca.git
  • cd vscode-lingua-franca/lingua-franca
  • git checkout master
  • cd ..
  • npm install

If you have previously cloned the repo, it should be sufficient to pull the most recent version and re-run npm install.

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Last updated: Mar 30, 2023